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Help your teen build confidence,
find their voice,
and set and achieve their goals

As the mother of a teenage boy, AE Darby started writing to help other teens find their own voice, just as she helped her own son to do.


Wonderful Lessons
for Adolescents and Adults

“This is a lovely quick read for young people and adults. Parents and teachers could most certainly use this guide to help children and students. AE Darby writes as if she is talking to you. It seems very personal and confidential. This little book could also be a treasure for adults who have lost their way. It is uplifting and sensible. This would be a wonderful book for a parent to read with their adolescent in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. I loved it!”

“This book is written with love and a lot of heart. I really appreciate how the author gives actionable steps on how to reframe situations, use positive and constructive affirmations, and how to just take a deep breath. Great job!”

“Great book. Helpful advice for a parent but also written such that my teenagers, who I made read it, enjoyed it. It made them understand why I do so many if the things I do. I really enjoyed it. Thank you! Definitely a keeper. I’ll have to buy more copies to give bc I am keeping mine.”

“So smart in its pure simplicity. Not just a book for teens. Great for parents also. Back to basics and what used to be common sense, love it!!”