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Planning for the Future – A Teen Parent Guide

So your child has made to the last phase of school. Now it’s time to start planning for the future. You’ve already discussed the importance of your child’s actions and how they can have a positive and negative effect on you. Now it’s time to begin the process of setting your child up for the rest of their lives, but where do you begin? What parts of life are imperative to plan? How do you know that you aren’t overpowering your child? How can you make them feel like life is in their hands? Today we’re going to touch on the three main topics to help your child a plan in hopes that you will have some insight on future planning for your growing young adult.


Education Planning

Helping your older child plan for their future in education is extremely important as it can project the trajectory of your future. There are so many options when it comes to education and assisting with education planning actually starts long before the final four years of standard education. Being involved in back-to-school nights and parent-teacher conferences will display to your child that you are truly involved with this education process for them which, in turn, will make it much easier for that same child to trust you when it is time to make education decisions for their future. When considering education planning remember that as a parent, at this phase in life you transition from an authority in your child’s life to an advisor in your child’s life. Options like a trade school, as opposed to college, should all be available and open to discussion. As a parent, it’s perfectly fine to share your own opinions, but be mindful that this journey is special and unique to your child, just as it was to you. During education, planning is the best time to recall memories from your own academic journey and struggles and benefits that you obtained from your experience.


Career Planning

Now that education has been considered, you may begin to ask your child what they want to do with their lives in terms of a career. This is a completely different approach to the light-hearted question that was asked to your children in the younger years of their life, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” There should now be a full understanding of standout character traits and passions that have stood the test of time during the life of your child. It should be easier to come up with a more practical approach to their future career endeavors. As a parent it is important to understand that although your child is older they are still developing into the truest form of themselves, thus their interests and passions will change. The average youth is expected to experience at least 17 job changes until one settles well with them. One way you can help in the process is to advise your child to take the 16 personalities test. This will help your child understand more about themselves. Another interesting part of the test is that once done, it does share different career fields that go well with the result of your child’s personality.


Life Planning

Discussing the matters of life with your child can still be very abstract at this age. As they are still learning themselves and their interests their choices in life will sway from one polar opposite to the next. It is best to keep communication open with them as they make life decisions like when they may want to get married and how many children they want to have. You may also consider adding things for them to think about like if their job will give them benefits and what will it mean if they don’t. This is another great opportunity to share life experiences with them that has the potential to subconsciously guide your child.


Walking into adulthood can seem intimidating, for both parents and kids, but with the proper tools in your toolkit, you and your teen can look forward to a bright future ahead.

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